Banana Ripening

Alexander, over the past years, has been transformed into one of the best Greek companies in the field of banana ripening. Our bananas are carefully selected and imported from Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico in collaboration with the best banana brands in the world such as Chiquita and Fyffes.

Our state-of-the-art banana ripening chambers offer the best possible ripening conditions in the Greek market and as a result our bananas are distinguished by rich taste and aroma as well as by long shelf life.

For the first time in Greece
100% Premium Ripening Banana
exclusively by Alexander

Τι είναι η 100% Premium
Ελεγχόμενη Ωρίμανση

Best ripening chambers in Greece

Well-trained and specialized staff in banana ripening

Constant search for product improvement through new innovative techniques

Certified products and procedures (ISO 22000: 2005, ISO 9001, IFS)

Automatic control of temperature, humidity, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and ethylene levels at all ripening stages

Search for bananas
with Alexander’s quality rib,
only to certified suppliers

What are the benefits


Longer banana shelf life


More intense aromas


Better taste


Money saving for the consumer

Collaboration with the biggest banana suppliers