Our history

Alexander is one of the leading importers, processors and
distributors of premium quality fruits in Greece. For a long
period, since its foundation in the early 70’s, the company used to produce only high quality canned fruits, exporting its production all over the world.

Since 2006, Alexander branched out into the production of heat-treated goods (HTST) in aseptic package such as concentrated peach and apple puree after the installation of a technologically advanced plant of puree production
with aseptic processing.

In 2008 Alexander has extended its activities in import and distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables, having paid a particular attention to quality by making strategic partnerships with the best growers in the world.

Over the past years, Alexander invested in the construction of a state-of-the-art banana ripening plant by consolidating its position as one of the leaders in the Greek fruit market.

Today, more than ever, the commitment to quality is deeply incorporated into our company’s culture by investing extensively in cutting-edge production techniques as well as in new international and domestic partnerships.

Η διαδρομή μας στον χρόνο



Ίδρυση της εταιρίας με αντικείμενο την παραγωγή κονσερβοποιημένων φρούτων


Παραγωγή Χυμού

Κατασκευή μονάδας παραγωγής χυμού με ασηπτική επεξεργασία


Φρούτα & Λαχανικά

Δραστηριοποίηση στην εισαγωγή και διακίνηση νωπών φρούτων & λαχανικών


Ωρίμανση Μπανάνας

Έναρξη λειτουργίας υπερσύγχρονης μονάδας ωρίμανσης μπανάνας.

means commitment
to quality

Alexander is one of the larger companies in Greece in the field of fruit processing and distribution and its name has been a synonymous of authenticity, credibility and premium quality for its clients and suppliers.

The mission of Alexander is the growing improvement of its production processes as well as the constant search for the best growers of fruits and vegetables in order to offer products of the highest possible quality.

Our commitment to quality is at the heart of our company’s philosophy in any aspect of its activity. Guided by the core belief that all starts at a grower’s field, we carefully select the best raw material for our processed fruit products while we used to work together only with certified growers around the world.

Alexander’s modern and technologically advanced plants are located next to Veria Railway station, at the core of fruit and peach production in Greece, offering a unique competitive advantage during the evolution of our company from a small fruit cannery in 70’s to an advanced industry with great production capacity and international potential.

After a series of major investments in the recent years, our company has expanded its range of activities by offering the following product categories:

Canned fruits

Concentrated fruit puree

Import and distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables

Banana ripening and distribution

Logistics Services


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