Food Industry

Our commitment to quality is at the heart of our company’s philosophy in any aspect of its activity. Guided by the core belief that all starts at a grower’s field, we carefully select the best raw material for our processed fruit products while we used to work together only with certified growers around the world.

After a series of major investments in the recent years, our company has expanded its range of activities by offering the following product categories:

Canned fruits

Concentrated fruit puree

Import and distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables

Banana ripening and distribution

Logistics Services



Since the early 70’s Alexander has established an unparalleled tradition in the field of canned fruits with large volumes of production and exports throughout the world.
Alexander’s fruit products are distinguished for their premium quality, their long shelf life as well as for their high nutritional value, making them ideal for low calorie diets. Today, the company produces the following canned products:

Ροδάκινο | Βερίκοκο | Φρουτοσαλάτα



Since 2006 Alexander has produced concentrated fruit puree products after the installation of an ultramodern plant of puree production with aseptic processing.

This method enables our company to produce high quality puree products in terms of taste, nutritional value and appearance. Specifically, we produce the following puree products:

Πουρές Ροδάκινου | Πουρές Μήλου



In 2008 Alexander has dynamically entered the market of fresh fruits and vegetables, developing a growing network of distribution throughout Greece that includes whole sellers, important retailers and supermarket chains.

Looking always for fresh and quality products, Alexander works with the best growers of fruits and vegetables from all over the world in order to provide highest quality products in Greek and Balkan market.



Alexander, over the past years, has been transformed into one of the best Greek companies in the field of banana ripening. Our bananas are carefully selected and imported from Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico in collaboration with the best banana brands in the world such as Chiquita and Fyffes.

Our state-of-the-art banana ripening chambers offer the best possible ripening conditions in the Greek market and as a result our bananas are distinguished by rich taste and aroma as well as by long shelf life.


Υπηρεσίες Logistics

Since 2009 Alexander offers transportation and cold storage for temporary preservation of fruits and vegetables. In our modern cold rooms we are able to preserve and freeze fruits and vegetables under perfectly controlled atmosphere conditions, securing the best possible conditions for the products of our clients.

In our cold rooms, we apply food preservation using ozone, a new and innovative fruit and vegetable preservation technology that constitutes one of the best solutions for safe food without residuals of pesticides or other chemical substances. Ozone can reduce contamination on food and in- crease storage life.