Environment and Sustainability

One of the strategic goals of Alexander is the largest possible integration of environmental friendly practices into the operation and culture of our company, implementing the commitment of the company’s leadership for environmentally conscious management.

The growing awareness and demand by consumers for “eco-friendly” products as well as the impact of climate change have led Alexan der to adopt rigorousmeasures for minimizing negative environmental effects that rise from its production activity.

In this direction, Alexander implements a rigorous Environmental and Waste Management System which includes the depollution of the contaminated waters and solid waste through a series of biotechnological and chemical procedures at certain production stages.

Furthermore, we pursue to use as many as possible recycled materials in our production processes and at the same time we aim to keep our personnel informed about all recent trends in the field of environmentally responsible management.

In Alexander
we don’t only believe
in a better future
but we also strive for it!